Activities and Leisure

Elephat Safari

Sri Lanka is renowned for Elephants and rightly so since there is a huge Elephant population in Sri Lanka for a relatively small country. It is no secret that Elephant watching and Elephant back safaris are one of the main attractions for tourists.

Jeep Safari

Just as above you can explore through wild in a jeep, which is great for rough road and if you are traveling with many people.


Surfing in Sri Lankan waters still holds a real sense of exploration and adventure.Surfing here is for people who want to enjoy the true essence of a surf holiday. Uncrowded warm water waves beach and reef breaks many still unridden or undocumented waiting to be surfed.

Whale Watching

Sri Lanka is becoming a major spot for watching Whales and Dolphins.Whale Watching in Sri Lanka is great during December to April. Out of these months December, January and April are the peak months of sightings. During these months there is 95% chances of spotting Sperm Whales and great chances of spotting Blue Whales.

Bicycle Ride

One of the advantages of a bike trip is the flexibility of the daily itinerary. It can vary widely from one trip to the next based on group desires, Mother Nature, and courtesy for other groups in the area. These typical itineraries illustrate a bike trip through various part of Sri Lanka.


Enjoy Ayurveda and Spa treatments on your holiday at one of most luxurious hotels, resorts and villas in Sri Lanka, transforming your holiday

Sri Lankan Cooking

Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines of South Asia. Due to its proximity to South India, the cuisine of Sri Lanka shows some influence, yet is in many ways quite distinct. As a major trade hub, it draws influence from colonial powers that were involved in Sri Lanka and by foreign traders. Rice, which is consumed daily, can be found at any occasion, while spicy curries are favorite dishes for lunch and dinner.

We'd happily like to show you how Sri Lankan cuisines are being made with various delicious food on any tour.

River Rafting

Experience Water Rafting in the picturesque rivers in Kitul gala covering 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids. This activity is for anyone above the age of 10 years with safety gear, modern rafts, and a comprehensive safety briefing will be given by our water rafting instructors beforehand. The distance covered is around 5 KM. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable Experience during your Water Rafting Tours.

Sea Plane

A thrilling new seaplane service in Sri Lanka takes you from Colombo into the hill country, landing on temple lakes

Air Balloon

You can take the opportunity to see the wondrous sights from the air.Flying over the jungle you may see elephants roaming freely, water buffaloes standing in the paddy fields and monkeys swinging from the trees.Hot Air Ballooning is unique from all other forms of flight as there is little sensation of motion or perception of height. Balloons travel with the wind & at the same speed, which makes for one of the magical sensations of the flight.

Cultural Dancing

Traditional Kandyan dances include the cobra dance, mask dance, the Ginisila, showing power over fire. The entire frenetic and colourful spectacle climaxes with the amazing fire-walking act.


The East Coast of Sri Lanka is rated as one of Asia's top dive sites and offers outstanding experiences for all skill levels. As the island essentially sits atop a huge sandbank that drops 3000m into deep ocean you'll usually find shallow sand or rock bottoms, but you can also dive on walls and drop-offs. Because you're seldom far from deep water, opportunities for encounters with pelagics, sharks and other inhabitants of the open ocean abound.

Turtle Farms

With five out of seven species of sea turtles of the world arriving at the shores of Sri Lanka to nest their young, this tiny paradise isle has the means to do something to ensure that they do no become extinct. The Turtle Farms and Hatcheries aiding the survival of these innocent and beautiful sea creatures.

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